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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mama's Chevy Truck

Mama's Chevy
Mama's Chevy,
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I've been too busy for much blogging lately, lots of changes for the family. First, we traded my beloved Eclipse for a pickup truck. Tom has been trying to get me to trade my sporty little car in for a 4x4 truck to haul our kayaks in. I finally gave in.

Our 2002 Silverado is loads of fun and pretty sporty looking itself. The real kicker is the toy hauler RV we now pull behind it. You can think of a toy hauler as a camper with an attached garage. Tom yacks on about the new RV for days on his blog. All of us love camping out and visiting new places. I'm looking forward to heading back to Robber's Cave for a few days, I haven't been in years.

I do the driving most of the time. After all, I was the one that gave up my car, so I figure that makes the new truck mine! Still, pulling a 24 foot trailer was a bit intimidating at first. Luckily, I can drive anything with wheels ;-)

Another fun thing we do now is roast our own coffee beans. As the original coffee junkie, I am loving this new activity. Once we get done with this September's winefest I am hoping to make a real hasty escape. I hope the cool weather lasts through the festival and if you are there, stop by the tasting tent and say hello.

Got any good RV spots in the Oklahoma area to reccomend?

ttyl - Dianne


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