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Monday, July 10, 2006

Classic American Dining on Route 66

Tally’s Good Food Cafe - On the Corner of 11th and Yale in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I have written several pieces about fine dining, the exotic flavors and exciting atmosphere; and from crumbers to chopsticks, I have loved every minute of it! Today, I take a look at a different kind of cuisine, classic American Diners.

Tally’s was my latest adventure in American diners. It is a classic Tulsa diner notable for its 50's style red and chrome exterior...and its great location right on Historic Route 66. ‘Breakfast anytime’ is written boldly on the outside, but Tom and I were in the mood for a hearty lunch. Tom ordered the sampler, three large shrimp, three breaded chicken strips, and three filets of catfish, a large helping of hash browned potatoes and a roll.

The shrimp were notably large, tender and mild with a wonderfully light and buttery breading. If you are used to Red Lobster or other 'Chain Fried Shrimp' you will be pleasantly surprised at these tender, buttery treats.

The chicken was hand-breaded, tender, juicy and cooked to perfection, the breading was light and golden brown. As far as chicken strips go these are the best I can remember (sorry mom).

The catfish was a little over fried, but mild. The breading was not as light and overall rather bland. The tartar sauce was pleasantly tart and tangy which made the catfish easier to eat. Not bad, but compared to the shrimp and chicken a bit disappointing.

The hash browns were firm, crisp, and golden brown. They were not overly greasy or bland, quite nice. I did not try the roll.

I ordered the Salisbury steak with a side of spinach, green beans, and fried okra.

The Salisbury steak was a hearty patty of hamburger blended with onions, fried well and topped with a mushroom sauce. The meat was well seasoned, but the mushroom gravy was a bit too salty.

The green beans had a nice bacon flavor without being greasy, not quite as firm as I like, but not mushy either, I thought they were quite yummy. I thought the fried okra was nice, well spiced, nicely browned and the bit inside the breading was tender and green. The spinach tasted like canned spinach, but I enjoyed it.

Our ticket came to around $22 and the service was quite friendly and attentive. This building is authentically retro with booths and neon throughout. The bathrooms were decent and although they showed their age, it had hands free towel wipes and a clean floor.

I recommend putting on a pair of blue jeans and giving this little diner a try. You can find Tally’s in Tulsa on the corner of 11th and Yale.

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