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Friday, July 18, 2008

Where not to buy juice concentrates

This came to me from a friend in the Oklahoma wine industry. He wanted to share his story about the company Juice Products Unlimited of Chicago, IL represented by Barry Ripkin. They displayed some very poor judgment which caused him much stress, consider yourself warned...

I thought it might be useful information for others who have use for juice concentrates to know that Juice Products Unlimited of Chicago, IL represented by Barry Ripkin lost a shipment I had ordered the first week in July. When it didn't arrive as promised I called Barry Ripkin to let him know and he made arrangements for another shipment.

Because the lost shipment put us behind production schedule, I called to tell them we needed the juice immediately. They had determined (without calling me) that they couldn't deliver the product as fast as I wanted it and cancelled the order.

Rather than attempt to expedite our order or try to be helpful, they further delayed our production.

Since there is more than one supplier of juice concentrates I thought people would like to know of my experience before placing an order with a company whose customer service is, in my opinion, less than satisfactory.