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 Hard-to-Find Garden Goodies


Being prepared is the best way to beat mother nature. Grow plants in confidence, add value to your property and gain the peace of mind of eating your own fresh fruits and veggies. High-tech materials and equipment enable you to work smart... rather than hard.

Many Oklahoma growers are venturing into wine grape growing as a way to generate large profits on small acreages.   Other local farmers are harnessing local markets and community supported agriculture initiatives like the Oklahoma Food Coop.

A pop-up home greenhouse is a great way to save your family some money and improve the quality of the food you eat.

This Electronic Scarecrow is a motion activated water sprinkler.  A sort of Robo-Super-Soaker to fight garden invaders while you sleep!




Zinfandel Grape Vine Five Gallon Plant

Oklahoma Vineyard Favorites

VinoGlo Keepsake Wine Bottle Oil Lamp Kits - The Perfect Wedding Favor

Recreational Kayaking Near Lake Eufaula on the North Canadian River
Explore Oklahoma Kayaking Float Trips

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