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Gifts for Canoe and Kayak Enthusiasts

Canoe & Kayak Both whitewater and flatwater paddling sports seem to be growing by leaps and bounds every year.  Here in Oklahoma, Kayak Fishing is the perfect addition to the outdoor lifestyles we love.  Since we started paddling a several years ago, we have found it greatly enhances our lifestyle.  Finding forms of exercise that we can stick with can be tough.  I need some action and adventure in my workout.  Bowling and kayaking both fit the bill for me!

We put together this list of canoe and kayak gear to save ourselves the time of digging for them in Amazon's huge store.  You can browse through a much wider selection of kayaks and prices here than just about anywhere.  Cold weather apparel and anything waterproof are classic gifts for kayakers.  This year you may prefer a paddling DVD or Kayaker Safety Gear.

Browse our store and you will find a much larger selection of new kayaks, spray skirts and kayak paddles that any local outdoor store could stock!  Some items even offer free shipping.

Whether you are looking for kayak apparel, safety gear, drysuits, wetsuits, paddler DVD's or just the perfect gift for a paddling friend...Amazon offers bargains well worth considering.

Choose a Recreational Kayak from Amazon

I paddle 12 foot angler model of the Old Town Vapor, great kayak. We were only able to find one kind of spray skirt for sale that was large enough to fit the massive cockpit on the vapor.

You can bet there are some other kayakers in your area and the internet offers some great forums for meeting them. I have made several new kayaking buddies from blogging and from posting pictures on Flickr and Facebook.

I paddle with the Oklahoma Flatwater Paddlers occasionally; they are an informal group of mostly kayakers and a few canoe enthusiasts. Don’t let the name fool you, we do some current riding as well.  In fact the group has been visiting the Buffalo River and the Mt Fork River every year for awhile now. We all share a love for lower risk kayaking and you’ve got to have some paddling partners if you want lower risk. I am pretty sure there are some members stationed at Altus AFB.

I’ve been watching Craig’s List for a good deal on a used kayak, too.  My husband's Perception Swifty is getting pretty old.  We plan to stick with a ten foot kayak.  They may not be as quick on the water as longer kayaks, but they are a lot easier to handle off the water.

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Recreational Kayaking Near Lake Eufaula on the North Canadian River
Explore Oklahoma Kayaking Float Trips

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