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 Country Wine Favorite Fruits

Not all wines are made from fancy hybrid wine grapes!  

In fact, almost every part of the world enjoys some type of non-grape fruit wines.  Country Wines are produced from fruits and flowers - without the use of grape juice. They often use recipes which have been handed down over many years of family wine-making. Fruit wines can be just as good as traditional wines made from grapes. If you have never tried a fruit wine from a small winery that cares, you need to get out and visit one soon!
Here in Oklahoma, country wine is often made from the more popular yard orchard favorites.  In fact, Nuyaka Creek Winery makes wines from their Granny Smith Apples, Oklahoma Blackberries and they specialize in the uniquely healthful Elderberry Wine.

Nuyaka Creek Winery even makes an Oklahoma wine from elderberries that is very popular.  In fact, they buy loads of Oklahoma elderberries from local growers.  Try their Elderberry Wine Jelly sometime, it is an Oklahoma Classic!

Elderberries are carefree fruits that are simply wonderful to grow! Not only do they bear delicious, edible fruits loaded with health promoting properties, but the plants also fit beautifully into almost any home landscape. 

Now, elderberries  are making their mark on the local wine scene.

Fruit Grower Tip: Winter is the time to prune your fruit trees. Opinions as to the best methods of pruning are diverse. the Home Orchard Society provides some basic principles in this: fruit tree pruning article.

In Oklahoma, we enjoy a fairly long growing season, and September is usually a great time to plant fall vegetables. With just a little space outdoors, you can plant kale, kohlrabi, mustard, spinach (tough to buy these day, so grow your own), peas, and much more. Also, in the Fall it just might be cool enough to make you want to have a reason to go outside!

The gnarled old apple tree in the yard is a symbol of investment, stewardship and vision. 

* Nuyaka Creek Winery offers a variety of traditional Oklahoma Country Wines.

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